Alyssa Rose
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Alyssa Rose's debut recording, "Tumbleweed" was released August 8, 2017. This four song EP is a short yet sweet road-inspired collection of songs she wrote while traveling around California just before moving back east. Written near the palm trees of San Diego, under the desert sky in Joshua Tree, and along America's great Pacific Coast Highway, these tracks are guaranteed to bring you to the bittersweet places that travel often leads : adventure, solitude, loneliness, perseverance, and beauty. 

"Tumbleweed" was recorded at SubCat Studios in Syracuse, NY in May 2017 . Earlier that year, Alyssa Rose serendipitously met a cast of Upstate NY musicians at an open mic that ultimately became her backing band for the EP. Get your copy to see the new life that was put into these songs and the country-rock feel they embody with a full band. Engineered by Jeremy Johnston, mastered by Patrick MacDougall (The Band, SuperHeavy, Yes), and produced by Matt McReynolds.

"Slow it down, stand real still.. time won't wait but you know I will.."