Alyssa Rose



Hey there, I’m Alyssa Rose, a singer-songwriter currently based out of Rochester, NY.

I’ve been on a bit of a musical hiatus these past couple years but am slowly returning! You see, writing and playing music had always been my way to chill out, decompress, and process anything I was going through. After I started performing in 2015, there was a whirlwind of both absolutely incredible experiences as well as some pretty stressful times and I slowly let myself get buried in the latter. I forgot the reasons why I enjoyed playing in the first place and quite frankly, wanted to hole up and go back to playing in my living room until further notice. That being said, I essentially put myself in time-out until my heart was back in it.

That moment came recently in a fairly unexpected way. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and have fully immersed myself in all that a mental health program is. Throughout the past year, I have been reminded in various ways how important music is to me and how it had been a missing part of my identity these last couple years. With the encouragement from a classmate and dear friend, I brought my guitar to the last night of class for an activity and played a song I wrote called “Rise.” Something shifted there.. I was so nervous, forgot some of the lyrics, and did not make eye contact the entire time, but underneath all of that, I felt like walls were coming down and that I was letting people in to a vulnerable space that I had been guarding. It’s scary and it’s raw and it’s honest.. and I don’t know about you, but I’m after that.


“From the ocean waves to the open road, this love it will stay in our hearts and our souls..”


My first EP, “Tumbleweed” was a short and sweet collection of country rock songs I recorded at SubCat Studios in Syracuse, NY. It’s all about being a wanderlust and constantly being on the run. This next batch of songs I am getting ready to record is about life off the road and learning how to sit with the things I was running from before, which was far from easy. Very simply put, I feel like this next album, “Where the Water Meets the Land”, is my way of advocating for finding your happy place, wherever and whatever that means for you. Stay tuned on social media for recording updates and release date info. Hope to see you out there somewhere!




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