In This Van

Roll me over honey

Right down to the bone

My door is unlocked

Come on, come on in my home

Take what you need

and leave me the rest

Tell me your secrets

I’ll share my regrets

Aw, honey

Pack up your bags

and share in this dream

These four wheels, our fortress

All the things we will see

I’m down on my luck

But baby, I’ve got a plan

We’re gonna drive all these highways

Gonna live in this van

Aw, honey

What took you, took you so long?

I’ve been looking, looking, lookin…

Somethin’ in me knew

That the lotus it would bloom

The birds would sing their tune

The ocean, it’d stay blue

And my path would lead..

It would lead me to you

It would lead me to you, yeah

Aw honey

Aw honey

Aw honey