Look Up (New Song!)

Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and are continuing those new year's resolutions now that we're a couple weeks into the new year. Truthfully, I was pretty darn excited to be done with 2017. I got a lot done musically but in every other area of life, felt like I was standing in quicksand.

Off to an amazing start so far and my health and happiness levels have drastically risen. I'll share some of the changes I've been making soon. For now, I wanted to share this song I wrote in Costa Rica called "Look Up" for anyone who is in a hard place right now.. this was my reminder to myself to step back from any situation, get outside and get back to the earth where things are simple, cyclic and continue to move on, with or without you. Changing my perspective really helped me through the darkest chapter of my life.

This was recorded in a radio interview with the WONDERFUL Chris Wienk over at WEXT in Albany, NY. I'll post the full radio interview soon!

Listen to "Look Up" here!

"Always remember you're stronger than yesterday
And please try not to let those troubles carry you away
They're always gonna be there so honey try, try, try
To remember that the worst of times, they're gonna pass you by"


Alyssa Femia